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Man ; there is a limit to how far he can stretch his finite bodily mass, and he cannot open holes in his body as Plastic Man can. Stripping Snag : Heather, riding a rapidly moving vehicle, loses her top when a passing tree branch slips under it and tears it off. All for Nothing : Enter All-Stars to make up with Courtney to the point were she break up with Duncan, only for Courtney to betray her ruining there new rebuild friendship, meaning all she did to make up with Courtney was all for nothing. Characterization Marches On : Was a pretty nice but very quiet guy in Island, but starting in Action was a more talkative, manipulative pretty boy. Expy : Of Survivor contestant, Richard Hatch, who like Owen had weight problems, displayed homosexual tendencies, often walked around naked, went through financial troubles, and won the very first season. In the animated film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Elongated Man is mentioned to have been murdered in the Flashpoint universe and was known as Elongated Kid. After she knocks Heather off the challenge, she gets so enraged that she accidentally threw the challenge to beat up Heather, rather than doing so after the challenge. Whiskers that has distinctive markings around its eyes similar to her glasses. Action changes this by giving him an obsession with the number 9 and having him go mad out of jealousy. Vocal Evolution : Xavier's voice is more of a direct parody of a Magical Native American in the earlier episodes, but steadily becomes more lilting and atonal to fit with the ever-increasing Mind Screw of the series, becoming like a combination of a Magical Native. 14 His spirit is later seen reunited with his wife.

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She later pulls one on Courtney as well. Kaleidoscope Hair : She has alternating shades of light teal, black, and dark teal, though her status, as the show's Goth means it's probably a dye job. Although he appears in numerous episodes as a background character, he has only three episode with speaking roles. the last point Lindsay made was Heather's shoes were tacky. In "Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island she casually gorges herself on almost a hundred marshmallows in a single sitting, then runs off to throw up from eating too much. the first time the extra screen time justified his elimination; the second time it revealed him as a threat. Kill the Cutie : At the hands of Heather in "That's Off The Chain". Pyrrhic Victory : In the alternate ending of World Tour, she finally wins the competition and the million dollars only for her million to get stolen from her by a feral Ezekiel seconds later. "The Flash: About that Ralph Dibny reference in season." Entertainment Weekly. Xavier is uniquely abstract, showing concepts in a way thatinstead of using thematic devices such as plotcreates connections in various patterns to prove a point. It's like I'm on a team of morons! Wounded Gazelle Gambit : In "Search and Do Not Destroy to break up Gwen and Trent, she tells Trent that Gwen was being mean to her and she shouldn't be trusted in an attempt to gain his sympathy.

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