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that using violence to cause deserved pain in an attempt to intimidate your political enemies is basically the dictionary definition of terrorism. In a followup comment, he elaborates on this peculiar logic: Futrelle does seem unusally worked. In one comment, he suggests that the attention Ive given to the Berge arrest illustrates that the anti-MRM forces are primed and ready for a false flag or provocateur-instigated incident. Berge may literally be the worlds worst MRA, and one that most MRAs have been content to ignore, but hes still an MRA. Evidently, threatening to stab a police officer (and announcing the day on which you plan to do so) is merely a sort of rhetorical flourish. Over on the Spearhead, the more reactionary.F. The truth is that people who manage to pull off spectacular terrorist attacks are almost always those who dont say anything about them beforehand. Vi slo ogs den gamle medaljerekorden og tok hjem hele 39 medaljer Read more anmeldelse-tester foto kultur Frank Eivind 0 Comments foto, kultur Det er ikke ofte jeg er p stand-up.

Skulle egentlig hre p Donkeyboy og GTsara, men det btta ned. Price has a rather different spin on Berge, as encapsulated by the title of his blog post on the subject: Eivind Berge Arrested for Provocative Rhetoric. In the comments, Eric complains that men who commit violence for putatively political reasons may suffer the indignity of being called bad names: As we have all seen repeatedly, violence against men is socially and politically sanctioned violence. I agree with his girlfriend that it was a bunch of hot air, but he got arrested for it anyway. Glemte selvflgelig kameraet mitt nr jeg skulle til Helle p Lrdag s ble ikke noe bilder men jeg kjpte minneralpudder fra Mary Kay. S sykla kjpte meg suchi og s p fotball. Or that abusers who threaten their exes ever actually harm them. Litt tilfeldig oppdaget vi en sel som svmte Read more nyheter vitenskap Frank Eivind 0 Comments nyheter, vitenskap Det er ikke mange vitenskapsfolk som kan smykke seg med stjernestatus hos den vanlige mann i gata. Later Price offers this completely clear cut and definitive repudiation of violence.

Men Stephen Hawking hadde Read more sport Frank Eivind 0 Comments PyeongChang 2018, sport, vinter-OL Vinter-OL i PyeongChang blei tidenes beste for Norge. Somehow, I dont think many of us have reached that point. What does that make Paul fucking your shit up gives me an erection Elam? Furthermore, those who are willing to unleash violence on others must be prepared to die themselves, and must lead by example.

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