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a threeyear research and development project was approved by the Research Council of Norway (NFR) in December 2005. In the winter season three emergency response vessels are located in different geographic sectors al ong the coast of northern Norway. Section 7 presents the conclusions and outcomes from the work to develop a holistic training system for personnel involved in response to maritime emergencies in Norwegian waters. Keywords Contingency planning; emergency response vessel; towing; on-board training, simulator-based training. 2013 Oct 1;55(10 964-965. DOI:.1111/dmcn.12203, berg AT, Caplan R, Baca CB, Vickrey. Experience from these exercises will be summarized. Examples are the lay barge LB200, the drilling rig Bredford Dolphin and the cargo vessels Marte, Gitta Kosan, Vindo and Server. The project has been one the outcomes of marut (Norwegian Ministry of Trade, 2005) Cold Climate Speci al ist pre-project Drifting tankers under extreme weather conditions. Based on a pre-project compl et ed in 2005 involving representatives from Norwegian Coast al, administration (NCA Norwegian Coast Guard, oil and shipping companies a main project propos al has been developed.

Mesoterapi bergen, Bergen kommune helpdesk, Tora berger gift, Kongsberg maritime horten,

1 Description of Arctic Emergency Operations project Arctic Emergency Operations (AEO) is a three-year research and development project supported by the Research Council of Norway as a part of the maroff programme (Research Council of Norway, 2006). Training of personnel on Norwegian emergency response vessels Training of personnel on Norwegian emergency response vessels Tor Einar Berg 1), Ulf Klevstad 2), Gunnar Gudmunds et h 3) 1) Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (marintek Norway, toreinar. Par al lel to the pre-project work, the Norwegian Coast al, administration worked on a new strategy for emergency response to disabled vessels in the Norwegian territori al waters ansiktspleie trondheim off northern Norway. You need to send a request before you can start following this account. The expected increase in ship traffic in northern waters related to oil and gas activities provides the background for a research project initiated by Ship Manoeuvring Simulator Centre (SMS) and Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (marintek). Field test planning, preparation and lessons learned are described in Section.