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(1993 singer, songwriter Anne Holt ( Larvik 1958 crimewriter, politician Carl Fredrik Lowzow (Oslo 19922009 politician Jan Mangerud (Oslo. Oslo, the capital city of, norway. Later Lillestrm got its own steam sawmill which laid the base for the development of the area which became the town. However, this is overshadowed by the much larger international airport at Gardermoen (opened 1998 which is 25 km (16 mi) further north but just 12 minutes away from Lillestrm railway station by high-speed rail. E6 motorway bypasses Lillestrm a few kilometres to the west on its way from Oslo to the north of the country. Non-stop commuter trains, airport express trains, and long-distance expresses use the high-speed Gardermoen Line (opened 1999 which runs mostly in tunnel webkamera vads to Oslo. Citation needed, on Lillestrm became a municipality of its own, having been split from Skedsmo.

In 2002, Norway Trade Fairs moved from. Contents, history edit, the name means "the little part of Strm Strm being the name of an old and large farm (. Running south-west from Lillestrm, the Kongsvinger Line (opened 1862) conveys hourly local trains to Kongsvinger as well as a number of longer-distance trains, passenger and freight, to and from Sweden. Se den lille avis imorgen.

avis i lillestrm

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National road 22, running from northwest to southeast, passes through the northern outskirts of the conurbation. 4 The local track and field club is named Minerva. Facilities edit Facilities in Lillestrm include hotels, Norway trade fairs, a brand new cinema, a mall, Lillestrm torv, restaurants, a high speed commuter train that reaches both Oslo and Gardermoen airport (the Gardermoen Line a community cultural house (kulturhus and a community outdoor swimming pool. 1, in 1997, Skedsmo municipal council declared Lillestrm to be a town ( by ) in its own right (a purely honorary status which has no effect upon skansen hotell troms the organization of local government, but is a matter of local pride nonetheless). Tag hele familien med og g p opdagelse i de mange boder og gr en god handel! The nearby Lillestrm stadion is used for training, and was an ice hockey venue at the 1952 Winter Olympics.

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