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am in a strange and unique universe of functions and activities.". And what does it actually take to make opera? Its not really about the DJs, its more about the actual theatrical performance they put on, says Bodnar. Some of the doors have glass in them.

Amsterdam Arena, comment, posted by, amsterdam Guide on, 11:47 am, sensation is one of the coolest and most popular events every year in Amsterdam. With over 20 countries under its belt, Sensation has travelled the globe for almost a decade. Turn it, ahead 10 cm, back. Frrratsch there goes the shirt. Petersburg, Russia - 11-Jun-2012 by slash save_alt, top 20 Torrents (last 10 days) ». Oh my, a fig leaf costume!

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The audience jump to their feet in spontaneous acclaim. The singer is twittering away, until she sits down at a tiny piano and takes a break with the classic «Old MacDonald had a farm». Late nights and all that. Sensation took a while to get to North America, however, Hekking says plans were in the works for years and now is the right time for the dance event to come to Canada. Appealing to all the senses, Sensation creates an unforgettable experience through music, lights, lasers, fireworks, stage performers and more. Is this it, Im thinking as I walk down the linoleum floor of one of the corridors. The Ole Ivars dance hall band has already been on stage. Glitter and finery is conspicuously absent.